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Heavy Towing Team Lifts 25,000 Lbs!

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Heavy Towing Team Assists Ohio Department of Transportation

Interstate Towing’s heavy towing division was called in to help at a construction site on E 44th Street in Cleveland. A contractor working for the Ohio Department of Transportation reached out as he knew he could trust the Interstate team.

The contractor needed to move a massive 25,000 lb precast concrete piece. He needed a company that had the equipment to not only lift the massive concrete piece into the air but also had the expertise to maneuver it into a 15 foot hole. 

Remember the blog about our new 85-ton rotator? Now was it’s time to shine! The heavy towing team made their way to the ODOT garage where the project was taking place. The WreckMaster certified heavy towing operator assessed the situation.

The concrete piece had preset lift points, making the rigging quite straightforward. With everything in place, the rotator operator slowly lifted the 25,000 lb piece into the air. He made sure to keep it steady as it carefully manoeuvred it over the hole.

He had to be super careful with his movements as there was not much room for error. It was a very snug fit with less than 4 inches of clearance on any side of the concrete. Making sure not to rush, the heavy towing operator slowly lowered the concrete into the hole. He then lifted a second precast piece and laid it over the hole.

Fantastic work out there team! You made all that heavy lifting and precise maneuvering look easy!

Details of Heavy Towing Team Assists Ohio Department of Transportation

The heavy towing team at Interstate Towing received a call from a customer in need of help. The customer needed the heavy towing team to assist him with lifting a 25,000 lb precast concrete piece at a construction site in Cleveland, Ohio. 

The heavy towing team was dispatched from Interstate Towing & Transport Specialist – Truck Repair Company & Roadside Assistance, 1655 Highland Rd, Twinsburg, OH 44087, United States. Once on site, the heavy towing team was able to assess the situation.

They had to lift two precast concrete pieces. One would go into a 15 foot deep hole while the other precast piece served as a cover for the hole. Each of the precast pieces had lift points which made the heavy towing team’s rigging job quite simple.

Once the heavy towing team had all the rigging in place, they slowly lifted the first precast concrete piece into the air. They carefully maneuvered the precast concrete piece over the hole before lowering it 15 feet down. Once the first piece was taken care of, the heavy towing team then picked up the second one and laid it over the hole.

With the job complete, the heavy towing team made their way back to Interstate Towing headquarters where they would clean their equipment in order to be ready for the next customer.