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Heavy Duty Tow Company Lifts 22,000 lbs!

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Heavy Duty Tow Company Moves CNC Machine to New Home

Our heavy duty tow team is always up to a challenge!

Interstate Towing provides professional rigging services to local companies. They know that they can rely on Interstate to treat their expensive equipment as if it were their own! Our heavy duty tow team was called into action when a customer needed to move a CNC machine into their factory in Elyria, OH.

From the moment we took this call, we had the perfect piece of equipment in mind. Our rotator. Rotators are built for tricky situations like this., They fit well in low clearance areas and have the ability to work with low boom angles while carrying suspended loads. Unlike cranes, rotators are perfect for jobs in confined spaces

For this particular case, a 22,000 lbs CNC machine needed to be lifted from the trailer of a truck and walked into the building through a 13-foot door. The rigging team approached it with expertise, professionalism, and efficiency. What many would consider an impossible job was done efficiently by our heavy duty tow team! Their professional training came through and the CNC machine was successfully placed into the building with no issues.

It’s fair to say we love a challenge at Interstate Towing! Keep up the fantastic work team!

Details of Heavy Duty Tow Company Moves CNC Machine to New Home

Our heavy duty tow team received a call earlier this week to assist in moving a CNC machine into a building. Straight away the heavy duty tow team knew it was a rotator that could complete this job. The rigging team was dispatched to the customer’s location. When the heavy duty tow team arrived at the location with their rotator they saw the 22,000lbs CNC machine they were about to relocate. The rotator was the perfect piece of equipment. It could work in low clearance areas while carrying heavy loads. The heavy duty tow team had to manoeuvre the CNC machine through a 13-foot door. The heavy duty tow company team lifted the CNC machine into the air. Once it was suspended in the air, they carefully walked it through the door and into the building. The heavy duty tow team carefully lowered the CNC machine in the designated location. Once the CNC machine was on the ground, the heavy duty tow team made their way back to Interstate Towing & Transport headquarters.