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Milan Tractor-Trailer Recovery  

Milan tractor trailer recovery

Tackling a Load of Lime

Early one morning, we received a call that would lead us to Milan, Ohio, for an emergency towing job that was anything but ordinary. A tractor-trailer, loaded with 50,000 pounds of lime, had overturned and landed in a ditch on the side of the road near the intersection of US 250 and the I-80 Ohio Turnpike. Off we went to complete this Milan tractor-trailer recovery. 

Responding to the scene alongside Ohio State Patrol, we dispatched a team of 6 operators armed with the necessary heavy-duty equipment to lift the tractor-trailer and its cargo. 

It was quite the job. The recovery operation took a full 6 hours. Our Interstate Towing team had their work cut out for them. They got out the big guns: an 80-ton rotator, a 35-ton rotator, and a 25-ton heavy wrecker. In a concerted effort, our operators lifted the heavy vehicle, still carrying its lime load, out of the ditch and back onto the road. 

As with many of our heavy towing or tractor-trailer recovery jobs along busy highways, an emergency response was at the scene to ensure traffic could pass our operation safely. 

Cementing Success

Our operators did some pretty heavy lifting there. They greatly appreciated the lovely thank you email we received from our client after completing the Milan tractor-trailer recovery job.

Heavy-Duty Lime Trailer Recovery

We had one of our toughest jobs in Milan, Ohio. A tractor-trailer flipped over. It was full of lime and stuck near US 250 and the I-80 Ohio Turnpike. We needed a smart plan and lots of gear to fix this. We brought out our big machines: an 80-ton rotator, a 35-ton rotator, a 25-ton heavy wrecker, and our emergency team.

Six Hours in the Limelight 

The whole recovery took us about 6 hours. Ohio State Patrol helped us out by securing the scene. Our team of 6 worked hard and smart to make sure everything went smoothly and safely. This job showed how good we are at handling big towing jobs. The customer even sent us a thank you note for our great work on the Milan tractor-trailer recovery.

Towing a big tractor-trailer, especially when it’s overturned with 50,000 pounds of lime, is a big deal. It needs the right tools and a team that knows what they’re doing. That’s us at Interstate Towing. The Milan tractor-trailer recovery showed we’re serious about doing heavy towing right. We used our best equipment to get this recovery job done.

Milan Tractor Trailer Recovery: Get the Experts on the Job

We’re proud of our work on the Milan tractor-trailer recovery. It proves we’re ready for anything. If you need trustworthy towing, especially for big jobs like this Milan tractor-trailer recovery, we’re here to help. Our team and our tools are ready to take on any challenge. Just give us at Interstate Towing a call.