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Mobile Truck Repair

#1 Mobile Truck Repair by Ohio’s Best Certified Mobile Diesel Mechanics

Interstate Towing and Transport is your one-stop shop for Mobile Truck Repair services in Cleveland. Regardless of the time of day, we are here to help. Did you breakdown on the I-480 or anywhere in our service area? Call us immediately at 330-425-4111 and we will get you back on the road as soon as possible! We will do our best to repair your truck on the spot without having to tow it.

We’ve been forging strong partnerships with local trucking companies and owner-operators for over four decades. They know that if they need mobile truck repair services, we’re only a phone call away. Contact us today to reach our team of mobile truck mechanics.

Included in our Mobile Truck Repair Services are:

Need Engine Work on Your Cummins, Power Stroke, Or Duramax?

Contact our certified truck mechanics today at 330-425-4111 to receive more information about our truck repair and maintenance services. We carry a wide variety of spare parts and tools to ensure that we have everything it takes to work on your vehicle.

Mobile Scan Diagnostics

You never know when that pesky check engine light will pop up. While it is always important to check your vehicle when you see that light, it is even more important when you’re driving a truck. You would not want to end up stranded on a deserted highway far away from any heavy duty towing service providers!

Give Interstate’s Mobile Truck Repair Service team a call today. We can provide mobile scan diagnostics for a wide range of engines.

  • Volvo
  • Mack
  • Caterpillar
  • Hino
  • International
  • Cummins
  • Isuzu
  • Ford
  • Chevrolet
  • Dodge

Contact us today!

Check Engine Light Mobile Diesel Repairs

What causes your truck’s check engine light to go on? While the exact problem causing your check engine light to turn on cannot be determined without a visit from our team, here are the 3 most common issues we deal with:

Lack of coolant is by far one of the most common reasons behind a truck’s check engine light turning on. Thankfully, this is an easy problem to solve and our mobile repair mechanics will have your truck road-ready in no time!
Clogged Diesel Particulate Filter is also an issue our mobile repair mechanics see quite often. The solution to this problem depends on the severity of the clog. Sometimes, all it needs is a cleaning while other times it would require a replacement.
General sensor issues are a common cause of check engine lights turning on. We will run mobile scan diagnostics to determine the sensor issue and repair it quickly.

Air Brake System Repair

Your truck’s air brake system is made up of three components: the service brake system, the parking brake system, and the emergency brake system. The Interstate Towing and Transport team recommends checking your air brake system every time you change your oil. This will help identify and repair issues before they lead to an accident.

Included in our Air Brake System Repair Services is:

  • Compressor Servicing
  • Compressor Repairs
  • Governor Servicing
  • Governor Repairs
  • Fittings Servicing
  • Fitting Repairs
  • Line Servicing
  • Line Servicing
  • Line Repairs
  • Valve Servicing
  • Valve Repairs
  • Chamber Servicing
  • Chamber Repairs
  • Slack Adjuster Servicing

Want to learn more about our Air Brake System Repair Services? Call our team today at 330-425-4111 to reach a member of our team!

Coolant System Repair

Interstate Towing and Transport offers Coolant System Repair Services for all vehicles. Have you noticed a leak in your truck’s radiator? It may be tempting to simply top up the coolant fluid and get back on the road, this could be a terminal error. Not finding and addressing the source of the problem can lead to overheating and irreparable damage to your truck’s engine.

Our certified mobile truck repair specialists will perform a comprehensive assessment of your coolant system. Once any leaks are identified, they will promptly fix them. This minor servicing can save you thousands of dollars in the future!

Unsure how to spot a leak in your coolant system? Our team will be more than happy to teach you the tell-tale signs of a leak so you can always be ready for it.

Contact our team today to learn more about our Mobile Diesel Repair & Coolant System Repair Services.

Drive Line Service and Repairs

Our full-service mobile truck repair team can repair drivelines on the spot for a wide variety of vehicles. Whether you have a semi truck or some industrial farm equipment, our team had the right training to get the job done.

We use the newest technology to ensure proper diagnostics. Interstate has invested in specialized tools to ensure that you’re receiving the best service possible. We can replace u-joints, axles, drive shafts, yokes, and carrier bearings.

While we can repair your driveline issues wherever you find yourself, we highly recommend visiting our in-house repair facility should we find any issues with your transmission. If you’re unable to drive your vehicle to our facility, we will pick you up!

Call our team today at 330-425-4111!

Brake Service and Repair

Looking for brake service and repair in Cleveland? Interstate Towing and Transport Specialist offers comprehensive brake services for trucks of all makes and models. Our comprehensive inventory of spare parts makes sure that we are ready to repair any issues you may have!

Are you looking for any of the replacement parts below? Call us today at 330-425-4111! Don’t see what you’re looking for on this list? Let us know and we will source it just for you!

  • Chambers
  • ABS systems
  • Valves
  • Sensors
  • Air Lines
  • Air Hoses
  • Brake Shoes
  • Brake Drums
  • Slack Adjusters
  • S-Cams
  • Break Chambers
  • Air Disc Brake Rotors
  • Pads
  • Calipers
  • Coil Hoses

Brake Chamber Sizes: 16 brake chamber, 20 brake chamber, 24 brake chamber, 30/30 brake chamber, 30/30 short brake chamber. 30/30 long brake chamber, 30/36 brake chamber, 24/30 brake chamber

Differential Repair by Certified Mobile Truck Repair Specialists

Our certified truck mechanics provide thorough differential servicing and repairs. Our mechanics will talk with you about the exact servicing needed for your differential. This can vary greatly depending on the terrain that your truck will be driving though.

If you’re hearing a different noise coming from your truck’s differential, this is a clear sign that your truck has insufficient lubricant levels. Differential fluid is crucial to your truck’s maintenance and will make a significant difference in the quality of your drive.

If you ignore differential issues, this could lead to extremely costly repairs or even replacement of your differential. Preventative maintenance is key to avoid this. Let the team at Interstate Towing and Transport keep your truck on the road!

Contact us today to set up your differential servicing.

Semi Truck Exhaust Repair Service Near Me

Local owner operators and trucking companies rely on Interstate Towing and Transport for professional exhaust repair services. Not only do we provide comprehensive preventative maintenance, we also provide a wide range of exhaust repair services.

Our specially trained mobile truck repair mechanics will help you identify any issues or weaknesses in your exhaust system; saving you from costly repairs in the future. Maintaining a proper exhaust system will not only save you on future repairs but also improve your vehicle’s engine performance and fuel economy!

Look no further than Interstate for affordable heavy duty truck exhaust repairs. Our incredible team is trained to repair exhaust systems for all makes and models. We invest in cutting edge technology in order to provide our clients with the best service possible.

Let’s not forget those Emission Tests! Our truck mechanics will ensure that your system is running smoothly and meets any emission requirements by your state.

Call us today at 330-425-4111 to improve your truck’s exhaust system!

Common Truck Radiator Issues

Overheating happens to the best of us, especially when you make a living driving on the road. Here are some of the most common truck reasons causing truck radiator problems. No need to worry, our team of certified mobile truck repair mechanics can easily repair any issues with your truck’s radiator!

Engine Coolant
Our expert truck mechanics will not only check your truck’s coolant levels but also assess for the presence of air pockets. An air pocket in your coolant system restricts fluid flow causing a discrepancy in coolant levels.

Cooling Fan
Faulty cooling fan? Our certified mobile diesel mechanics will determine the cause of the issue and immediately repair it. From defective coolant sensors to misalignments, we will get to the root of the trouble

Diesel Fuel Injectors
Any issues with your diesel fuel injectors can lead to overheating. One of the most common causes of diesel fuel injector issues is a build-up of deposits on the injector nozzle itself. This causes the engine to overcompensate and overheat.

These are only some of the issues we encounter every day. Contact our Mobile Radiator Care team and let them get you back on the road.

Truck Air Filter Replacement Near Me

Interstate Towing and Transport provides affordable and professional truck air filter replacement services to the Cleveland area. How do you know if it’s time to service or replace your air filter?

  • Engine start problems
  • Check engine light
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Excessive soot residue
  • Less horsepower
  • Smell of gasoline
  • Odd engine sounds
  • Odd engine vibrations
  • Black smoke and/or flames coming from the exhaust

If any of these issues sound familiar, give us a call today at 330-425-4111!

Preventative Maintenance by Certified Truck Repair Specialists

Interstate Towing and Transport provides preventative maintenance and servicing for all makes and models of heavy duty vehicles and equipment. Why wait until the problem gets worse? By having frequent preventative maintenance and servicing, you’ll stop any problems before they become too costly. Call our team now at 330-425-4111 and they will talk you through our preventative maintenance schedule.