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Semi Towing

Semi Towing Team Dislodges Truck From In Between 2 Buildings

Our semi towing team has saved a lot of our customers from numerous sticky situations, but this may win the award as the stickiest. 

A semi-tractor driver found himself in need of urgent help when he got his trailer stuck between 2 buildings. After trying out some “Austin Powers on a luggage cart“-style multi-point turns, he was still not free and had caused some serious damage to the back of the trailer. 

Luckily, our team has a knack for solving pickles. 

The semi towing team, armed with a rotator, hooked up to 2 points – one at the back of the tractor and one at front of the trailer. The rotator lifted both the tractor and trailer slightly into the air and slowly moved the tractor forwards, unhooking it from the trailer once there was space. 

Once back firmly on the ground, the tractor was free to escape and the semi towing team took the time to assess the damage on the trailer. They decided to return to our in-house repair shop with the trailer to fix it up and make the trailer good as new. 

It only took our team 20 minutes to solve this dilemma – excellent work! All that was missing was Elizabeth Hurley in a shiny silver dress.. 

Semi Towing
Semi Towing

Details of Semi Towing Team Dislodges Truck From In Between 2 Buildings

The semi towing division of Interstate Towing received a phone call from a customer requesting an urgent recovery in Bedford Heights, OH. Interstate Towing has an office in Bedford Heights with a semi towing division. The semi towing team was dispatched from the office located at 22151 Aurora Road, Bedford Heights, OH, 44146.

The heavy towing team only  had 1.5 miles to cover between their office and the customer’s location. The semi towing team arrived at the customer’s location and assessed the situation. A semi tractor with an empty trailer was wedged between two buildings. The semi towing team noted that the trailer had sustained damage while the truck driver was attempting to maneuver the truck. 

The professional semi towing team backed up their rotator towards the front of the truck. They chose two points of contact, one at the rear of the tractor and one right at the front of the trailer. Using chains, the semi truck towing team hooked up to the two points of contact. They lifted the tractor and front of the trailer into the air simultaneously and slowly maneuvered the tractor forwards. 

Once they had enough space to unhook the tractor from the trailer, they did so. The semi towing team noted that the trailer needed extensive repairs. The semi towing team hooked up to the front of the trailer and towed the semi trailer back to their in-house repair shop to undergo extensive repairs. The semi towing team only needed 20 minutes to complete the job.