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Mobile Crane Service Lifts HUGE Caboose

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Mobile Crane Service Team Lifts Historical Caboose in Cleveland

Interstate’s mobile crane service team had the pleasure of working with a piece of history last week! One of our loyal customers gave us a call; he operates a fleet of dump trucks and often uses our heavy tow services. On this particular occasion, he had a bit of an unusual request for us. One of his good friends was delivering a caboose to the Lodi Harrisville Historical Society as it was going to be displayed at the Lodi Railroad Museum.

Let’s take a quick pause here- what in the world is a caboose, you ask? Well, for one thing, it’s a super fun word to say. A caboose provided an office-on-wheels for railroad conductors and staff on freight trains. Okay, lesson complete! Back to the story-

The caboose was currently in Downtown Cleveland. While the customer had arranged for two cranes to lift the caboose and place it on a lowboy trailer, the crane operators could not complete the job! Interstate brought in a 60 ton rotator to tackle this heavy duty lifting job. Did you know that rotators can be used in lieu of cranes? Oftentimes, they can fit in places and perform maneuvers impossible to do with cranes.

The mobile crane service team made quick work of lifting the caboose off of it’s wheelset and placing it on the awaiting trailer. A few minutes later, it’s wheelset was also secured on the back of a second trailer! The caboose could now make it’s way to the appreciative eyes of the Lodi Harrisville Historical society!

Another job well done team! 

Details of Mobile Crane Service Lifts Historical Caboose in Cleveland

The mobile crane service division of Interstate Towing received a call from a loyal customer. The customer urgently needed the mobile crane service team in Downtown Cleveland. The mobile crane service team was dispatched from 22151 Aurora Rd, Bedford Heights, OH, 44146. After a quick 20 minute drive, the mobile crane service team arrived at the customer’s location.

The customer was delivering a historical caboose from Downtown Cleveland to Lodi, Ohio. The only thing delaying the trip was getting the caboose on the back of an awaiting trailer! If not lifted correctly, the priceless piece of railroad history could be damaged!

Two cranes were already on scene but were unable to lift the heavy caboose off the wheelset. The mobile crane service team backed their 60 ton rotator towards the caboose. The mobile crane service team then hooked up to the bottom of the caboose. They placed two towing straps around the caboose so they were able to securely lift it in the air.

Once in the air, the mobile crane service team gently deposited the caboose on an awaiting lowboy trailer. The team unhooked their straps from the caboose and used them to lift the accompanying wheelset. The mobile crane service team slowly moved the wheelset to a second waiting trailer. The mobile crane service team gently deposited the wheelset on the back of the trailer. The caboose could now be delivered to the Lodi Railroad Museum.