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Heavy Equipment Towing 30 kW Generator

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Heavy Equipment Towing Team Squeezes Into A Tight Space

Interstate’s Heavy Equipment Towing team put their specialized equipment and skills to the test at a job in Twinsburg, OH. The customer had bought a new 30kW generator as his old one was no longer in good working condition. He wanted the team to pick up the old generator and replace it with a brand new one he just purchased.

Measuring in at 74 in. x 32.9 in. x 45.1 in and approximate 600kg, picking up and moving the generator would be an easy task for a rotator. That being said, nothing is ever truly simple when it comes to heavy duty towing! In this case, the old generator was placed on the side of the customer’s house, right around a corner. It was an extremely tight area with powerlines and trees overhead. One wrong move could lead to serious injury!

While normally one would look into hiring a typical crane service operator to do the job, it would be impossible for a crane to fit in such a tight space. Thankfully, a rotator’s boom could do the same job as a crane and fit into much smaller spaces! The heavy equipment towing team backed their rotator down the client’s driveway. Using the boom they were able to safely lift the old generator and place it on an awaiting trailer. They then placed the new generator in the newly vacant spot. 

Fantastic work out there team! You did not have much room to manoeuvre and you still pulled it off! Keep it up!

Details of Heavy Equipment Towing Team Squeezes Into A Tight Space

A call requesting a heavy equipment towing team came in at the dispatch center. The heavy equipment towing headed to the customer’s home in Twinsburg, OH. The heavy equipment towing team arrived at the customer’s home and assessed the situation.

The customer needed the heavy equipment towing to pick up an old generator by the side of their house. The customer had arranged for a trailer to be waiting so that the heavy equipment towing team could simply place the old generator on the trailer. The heavy equipment towing would then need to place a new generator in the same location.

The team noted that they had little room to maneuver due to surrounding trees and power lines. The heavy equipment towing team slowly backed up their wrecker down the client’s driveway. The heavy equipment towing team used the boom on the rotator to reach the generator. Slowly but surely, the heavy equipment towing team was able to lift the old generator and move it away from the tight corner it was residing in.

The heavy towing team then placed the old generator onto an awaiting trailer. The heavy equipment towing team then proceeded to lift up the new generator into the air. Once stabilized, the heavy equipment towing moved the new generator towards the side of the house. The heavy equipment towing then carefully deposited the new generator on the ground, in the same spot that the old generator had previously been.