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Heavy Equipment Towing Team Completes Quick Recovery for Broken Trailer

Interstate Towing recently put their heavy equipment towing skills to the test when they received a call for a stranded flatbed trailer. While en route to a local construction site in Chardon, Ohio, the trailer broke down with heavy construction equipment in tow. While other local heavy equipment towing companies were unable and unwilling to take on this job, this was a project we were eager to assist with.

With a schedule to keep, the tractor trailer driver quickly realized he would need help from a heavy equipment towing team. After searching the internet for highly-rated and recommended heavy equipment towing companies in the Chardon area, the driver found us! He placed a call to Interstate which was quickly answered and waited a few minutes for us to arrive on scene.

Upon arriving, the heavy equipment towing team found that the trailer had been transporting several pieces of heavy duty equipment, including a counterweight used for cranes and many toolboxes. With a weight range between 10,000-35,000 lbs for each piece of equipment, our crew quickly realized that this was going to be a large job. Not to worry though – we had the situation under control!

The trailer in question was compromised, making it unsafe to continue the journey to the construction site. The main rails running front to back on the trailer had snapped. Our heavy equipment towing team made some quick calculations and got right to work.

First, the heavy equipment towing team used a rotator to move the construction equipment off the broken trailer and onto a replacement Landoll. After being reloaded, the construction equipment was secured with towing cables and straps before being sent on its way to the construction site.

Next, the team loaded the broken flatbed trailer onto another replacement Landoll trailer truck. This was sent to the nearest repair shop to fix the broken beams.

Thanks to our team of six heavy equipment towing technicians, this job was completed with urgency and efficiency. We were happy for the opportunity to add to our heavy equipment towing portfolio. 

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Details of Heavy Equipment Towing Team Completing Quick Recovery for Broken Trailer

Interstate Towing recently took a call for heavy equipment towing in Chardon, Ohio. The call was from a frantic driver of a flatbed truck carrying heavy construction equipment while en route to the construction site. 

Loaded with a 35,000 counterweight for a crane, a 20,000 lbs construction piece, and 10,000 lbs in toolboxes, this proved to be a large job. Heavy equipment towing was required immediately!

Our heavy equipment towing team decided to use a rotator and two replacement Landoll trailers to accomplish the job. First, the heavy equipment towing team loaded the construction equipment onto the replacement trailer with the use of a rotator. The equipment was sent on its way to the construction site.

Next, the broken flatbed trailer was placed upon a Landoll truck and sent to a nearby repair shop in the Chardon, Ohio area. Thanks to the help of the rotator, Landoll trucks, cables, and straps, we the heavy equipment towing company was able to make quick work of the job. 

Interstate Towing & Transport is proud of the six heavy equipment towing crew members who assisted with this job. Another heavy equipment towing job well done!

For all of your heavy equipment towing needs in Chardon, Ohio and surrounding areas, contact Interstate Towing & Transport for fast and effective assistance. We are always here to help with your needs, whether big or small. Find out why we are the top rated heavy equipment towing company in Chardon, Ohio and nearby areas!