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Fuel Tank Towing on Ohio 534

fuel tank towing

Fuel Tank Towing in Geneva, OH

It was fuel tank towing day at UH Geneva Medical Center last week! Interstate Towing & Transport were tasked with lifting the 28,000 lb empty fuel tank and placing it in a new location nearby. The team decided to use a rotator for the job as they would be working in a confined space.

While cranes are great at lifting heavy objects, they are not so practical when one needs to work in a smaller space. Rotators can perform many of the same tasks as a crane without needing as much clearance space.

The fuel tank towing team needed to pay particularly close attention to the power lines above them. Hitting a live power line would be absolutely catastrophic! The fuel tank had two attachment hooks, one on either end of the tank. This made it simple for the rotator team to hook onto the empty tank.

With all their lines in place, the heavy towing team slowly lifted the empty tank into the air. Once the tank was safely suspended in the air, the rotator team began to slowly “walk” it to its new location. Had they been working in a larger area, the team would have been able to simply swing the boom and place the tank down on the ground. 

Within 75 minutes of arriving at the hospital, the fuel tank towing team had successfully moved the tank to it’s new home. Fantastic work out there team! 

Details of Fuel Tank Towing in Geneva, OH

The dispatch team at Interstate Towing & Transport received a call for a fuel tank towing team. The customer requested that the fuel tank towing team be at UH Geneva Medical Center at noon the following day.

The fuel tank towing team brought their 50 ton rotator to the job site. The empty fuel tank they needed to lift already had attachment hooks. The fuel tank towing team hooked onto the hook on the front end. Once that line was secure, the fuel tank tow team attached to the second point on the back end of the tank. 

The rotator operator slowly lifted the 28,000 lb fuel tank into the air. The towing team noted that there was not a lot of clearance space so they could not swing the tank to its new location. The fuel tank towing team slowly “walked” the tank to its new location. 

When they were at the correct location, the towing team slowly lowered the fuel tank onto the ground. The team unhooked their lines from the fuel tank. Interstate Towing & Transport’s fuel tank towing returned to their headquarters at 12577 Gar Hwy, Chardon, OH 44024, United States.

Once back at their headquarters, the team cleaned and disinfected their equipment and were ready for the next customer! Interstate Towing & Transport offers 24 hour heavy duty towing services in Chardon, Geneva, Bedford Heights, Twinsburg, and Norwalk.