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Walton Hills Heavy Rigging Company Lifts Mixing Drum

Heavy Rigging Company Called in for 25,000 Lift

Big lifts call for big equipment and big skills! Interstate Towing & Transport receives calls for a heavy rigging company with capability to complete major lifts all the time. We recently assisted a construction company with a 25,000 pound lift in the Walton Hills, Ohio area. Here’s how we completed the heavy rigging job.

This particular call came in on a Monday from a local Walton Hills construction company. The caller reported that one of their massive mixing drums had a broken gear that prevented it from spinning. In order to assess the issue and fix this problem, the drum would need to be lifted off its base and placed into a designated area on the ground.

As the most trusted heavy rigging company in Walton Hills, Interstate Towing was happy to respond. While we knew the basics of the situation, the heavy rigging team was sent out with the 80-ton wrecker to ensure we were prepared for everything. 

Upon arrival at the scene, we got right to work. Proper rigging protocols were exercised to ensure the safety of all involved. Thanks to the 80-ton capability of our wrecker, we were able to slide the boom mass to the rear position and boom out over the drum. Slowly and carefully, the 25,000 lbs mixing drum was lifted about 10 feet up into the air, out of the base where the gear sits. 

The mixing drum was then maneuvered over to a designated waiting area. The construction company will have the repairs completed before calling our heavy rigging company again to place the mixing drum back in its rightful place. 

Thanks to our heavy rigging equipment and expertise, this job was successfully completed with ease. We take pride in being the #1 heavy rigging company in the Walton Hills area.

Details of Heavy Rigging Company Called for 25,000 Lift

When a construction company needs to lift 25,000 pounds, they understandably contact a trusted heavy rigging company. A quick Google search for “heavy rigging company near me” in the Walton Hills, Ohio area leads to Interstate Towing & Transport. This was the case for a recent call we received that required assistance from a professional heavy rigging company.

A local construction company in Walton Hills, Ohio called us for help lifting a large mixing drum with a broken gear. To make repairs to the gear, the drum would need to be taken off its base and set aside by an expert heavy rigging company.

The heavy rigging company, Interstate Towing, sent out an 80-ton wrecker. When the heavy rigging company arrived, they set proper rigging protocols in place. The heavy rigging company slid the boom mass to the rear position and the boom out over the drum. Very carefully, the heavy rigging company lifted the 25,000-pound mixing drum about ten feet up in the air and out of the base.

Next, the heavy rigging company shifted the mixing drum over to a resting place so that repairs could be performed on the base. Once the repairs are completed, the heavy rigging company will come back out to the Walton Hills, Ohio location to set it back in place.

The heavy rigging company proved to be a critical component of keeping the construction company up and operational. Great work, team!