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80 Ton Rotator used in construction hauling

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80 and 65-Ton Rotator Trucks Set Precast Structure during Construction Hauling

Interstate Towing has successfully set a customer’s precast concrete structure through heavy-duty construction hauling in Painesville, Ohio.

The client’s job called for a lift plan and step-by-step proposal of how the appointment would go—something we know a thing or two about! Outlining these directions allowed the task to go as ordered, with everyone remaining on the same page.

Interstate Towing dispatched two employees with massive 80 and 65-ton rotator trucks off of I-90 to complete the customer’s request. 

Rotator trucks are one of the heaviest and largest tow trucks available within Interstate Towing’s fleet. These vehicles have a crane-like arm able to rotate 360 degrees and extend around 30 feet in the air!

The Interstate Towing construction hauling specialists performed due diligence after arrival, setting up multiple times over the job’s 6-hour length to ensure everyone on-site worked harmoniously. 

Clients have thrilled Interstate Towing by communicating positive feedback reflecting their appreciation for the company’s seamless crane work that’s increasingly in-demand. Fantastic job, Interstate Towing! Keep it up!

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Details of 80 and 65-Ton Rotators Set Precast Structure during Construction Hauling

Interstate Towing recently dispatched two employees armed with 80 and 65-ton rotator trucks to Painesville, Ohio, off of I-90. The customer calling needed construction hauling assistance with precast concrete, requiring a high-level lift plan.

Precast concrete is a construction material that uses a mold to produce a reusable concrete form. Interstate Towing’s established step-by-step lift plan allowed the customer to remain on the same page with towing specialists as they prepared and completed the construction hauling work over 6 hours. 

Preserving precast concrete during construction hauling requires top-tier training on DOT load handling requirements and the material’s safety precautions. 

Luckily, Interstate Towing’s thorough analysis of this construction hauling task resulted in a successful job and positive client feedback. Interstate Towing ensures that expert-level staff and professional-grade equipment are always a quick phone call away.